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The Mindset You Need.

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The Motivation to Move you.

It's Time to Elev8 Everything in Your Life. 

Start your 2 Week Trial for less than 50 cents/day. The first session alone is worth hundreds, and you can cancel at anytime, so you risk nothing! That's how sure we are that this program will Elev8 you to your highest performance and happiest days yet! Included in the Elev8 for Teens™ Mentorship Program: 

  • Private 1-1 Mentorship Session w us right out of the gates! This is your "Foundation Call™." Set up immediately upon registration. That's 45 minutes with us getting to know you so you can be ahead of the curve and ready to Elev8 with measurable results fast
  • Live Interactive Video calls with us each week, along with like-minded peers in the Elev8™ group (with no more than 19 attendees per interactive session)
  • Peer Empowerment & Connection in a Safe Space: New friends, new collabs, new accountability, and a great family dynamic that celebrates your achievements throughout
  • Varying Office Hours throughout the week to accommodate the busy schedules of high-acheivers like you. This allows you to “pop-in” and ask us anything: Get help with more personal items, applying Elev8™ strategies in your day-to-day, guidance on current relationships and accountability for the actions that take you toward the results you dream of, personalized help with any live sessions you were unable to attend for any reason
  • Elev8™ Parent Portal- (For parents of Elev8 mentees only) 24/7 access for real-time updates on what your teen is learning, how to assist them in their Elev8 growth, and a safe place to ask questions and gain support. This is NOT a facebook group
  • Teens get 24/7 access to all recordings, downloadable activities, and guest expert content in the group
  • Ongoing Resources Area:  Elev8 Mentees have 24/7 access to highly relevant and empowering resources that fit into their elev8 journey and their unique life situations
  • Potential to earn Leadership Awards or Letters of Recommendation for College Applications or job/intern applications
  • Every 8 weeks, Teens get dedicated "Measure Up Calls™" with us to privately assess their progress, answer questions, and Elev8 them to their next steps to success. Yes, another personalized private 1-1 call with us every 8 weeks as long as you remain in the program
  • In the same city? Possible in-person meetings may be arranged at no extra fee, pending availability
  • Unlimited email access to Aly & Andrea while you're an Elev8™ Member
  • Unlimited access to us in the community

Get Started Now with your $7 Trial and get immediate access to our calendar for your personal 1-1 Mentorship Session with us!

*If you decide to stay, your monthly membership fee will be charged at the end of your trial. Cancel anytime to avoid future charges.

Here's to building leaders for LIFE!


Set Goals and Actually Crush Them

You might call them "goals," but we mentor to drive specific results and achieve big dreams. We help you gain clarity on what matters most, and simply tie each action step to that dream.

Gain Confidence to Overcome Anything

We're no strangers to overcoming obstacles. Get the mentorship that helps you develop more confidence than ever, no matter where you are in your journey.

Decrease Stress, No Matter What

Stress is a part of life. We mentor you on a path that shifts away from destructive stress and instead, helps you leverage your pressure into diamonds! 

Feel Excited About Your Future 

There is hope! Mentorship is not about us telling you what to do, according to what we think. Instead, we're all about us being excited for your dreams and helping you get there in the most fulfilling way! 

Improve Friendships Forever

Relationships over everything. Its a mantra of ours. We mentor to help you keep what's good, and build forever friendships based on the most important criteria. 

Finally Get Your Parents to Hear You

We believe teens are smarter than the world often gives credit for. Learn how to gain the ear and respect of others, including your own family.

Build Your Resume & Applications

There's nothing more powerful on a resume than evidence of constant self-improvement. Mentorship in the Elev8 program is an exceptional example of that.

Be Better Prepared for College or Life After School

Our mentorship style is designed to help you perform at your best in "the real world." If you feel like you're in a bubble right now, we're here to equip you for all that's up next!

This Mentorship Program for Teens is Not for Everyone.

In the Elev8 for Teens™ program, we guarantee a lot for you. Here's the commitments we ask of you.:

  • You need to be fully willing to engage, work, and be open to fun for the entirety of the course. The cohort becomes a little family of encouragement and accountability, so everyone needs to be all in committed to making their life better. 
  • You’ll need to be coachable. We are super compassionate in our style, but we also set the bar high. You’ll need to be willing to be open to learning and shifting how you operate in some areas of your life in order to elevate your results.
  • You’ll need to be vested financially. Although it’s a solid investment similar to most private sporting lessons, its a blip in comparison to achieving the transformations that will shape you forever. More importantly, the cost of staying stuck where you are now or even sliding backwards is painfully more costly, even if it’s in a different way.

If that's you, click the Sign Up Now button below. As soon as you sign up, you'll be able to schedule your first private 1-1 Coaching Call with us (included).

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Get to Know Your Mentors....

We’re twins who were born nearly 3 months prematurely. We were never supposed to live through our first night. But we overcame. Andrea in turn lost most of her eyesight, but yet, everyday she continues to overcome her disability and be visionary. Our own father rejected us in a court of law, we were nearly homeless, and we were definitely broken. We’ve survived family crisis and even cancer.

Now, we have the privilege of teaching others how to overcome their own obstacles, grow their confidence and elevate their performance in all areas of their lives. Despite the challenges we faced, we’ve walked a journey of becoming World Champion athletes, former University of Texas Cheerleaders, Global Entrepreneurs, Olympic Torch Bearer, Cancer Survivor, Speakers, Mentors and Personal Growth Coaches around the world. While our most proud title is “Moms” of confident and happy young adults, we’ve also worked with thousands of teens, coaches, young athletes and their families to help them transform their lives and their relationships into positive, intentional, and meaningful journeys with higher performance.

We can't wait to meet you and your teen. If you're looking for positive role models who know the behavioral science and strategies to compassionately help your great teen become even more phenomenal, let's talk.

The teen years should be among the best years of you and your child's relationship. Let's make sure that happens!

Aly Calvo, Psychology & Physical Therapy, University of Texas 

Andrea Kulberg, M.Ed, Education, University of Texas