What If There Really Was a Handbook for Parenting Your Athlete?


What if we could help you build confidence in your athlete, no matter their sport, and regardless of their current starting point?

What if we could help you help them... increase their motivation, decrease their stress, increase their opportunity for success not just in their sport, but forever in their lives? 

What if sports were fun again? What if we could prove to you that all of this effort in parenting will truly translate into a happier and more successful child, teen, and adult... if you just know how to focus on the very specific things that will elevate them to that next level? 

Well, we can. Do you want to take us up on that offer? 

We've done this in our work with thousands of athletes, coaches, and parents around the world. We're going to teach you the very foundation of your focus- everything you need to know in convenient modules so you can help your child in any situation.

Introducing the 5-part course you'll wish you did years ago: F.O.C.U.S.: High Performance & Mindset Training

If your athlete is age 8 or older, this is the course for you. You'll be amazed by their journey alongside you, on any sports team, and beyond.

These modules are fantastic for parents of athletes and coaches, alike. (See listing of all modules below)


Yes, Please! Teach Me!

Build Their Confidence

We can all use a boost here! Learn the key elements to help your athlete be more confident than ever before in their sport, and in all areas of life.

Make Sports (and Life) Fun Again!

Growing up is hard, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun! We're teaching the steps to the #1 Rule: Have Fun!

Stop the Arguing & Go Back to Joy 

Relationships matter more than ever! Learn how to balance authority and love as you build your leader for life!

Decrease Anxiety & Drive Performance Up

Athletes need to perform at their best, and the greatest leaders do too. We're turning anxiety down, and leveraging for peak performance now!

Get Your F.O.C.U.S. Now!

F.O.C.U.S. is like Mindset Magic!

Here's What's Included...

Get Instant Access to video trainings, maps, downloads an activities for the topics listed below, plus examples and reflections for you to apply the science and strategies to your unique sport, athlete, and current circumstance or challenge:

I Needed This Yesterday! I'm In!

It's Time!

This course is BY FAR the most relevant and thorough course we've ever offered at this low price. The strategies and applications of what you and your athlete learn here will change you forever. It's time you get the playbook for high performance in sport and in life!

PS- If you are lucky enough to watch your kid do their thing, recognize that inherently is the gift. It goes by fast.

Don't blink. ;)

Let's Go!