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Learning Agreement for participants aged 18 and under

All children/young people under the age of 18 must have parental permission to participate in online training or conferences.

Prior to participation, Legacy Cheer and Dance Ltd and their affiliated businesses will send participants and their guardians a Learning Agreement, which will request the following rules are adhered to for the purposes of Child Protection: 

• All participants will be appropriately dressed for the activity 
• Specify what locations for webcams are acceptable or unacceptable (EG: stipulate that they must be in a communal space like a living room - rather than a bedroom, must have a door open, and that children under 12 must have an adult present etc)
• Specify clearly that an instructor will not be alone 1-2-1 online with child
• Make clear that all the same safeguarding policies apply as would in an in-person environment: appropriate language and behaviour etc.

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F.O.C.U.S.: High Performance Mindset & Leadership for Youth Sports Parents, Coaches, and Athletes

We’re teaching you the most innovative and researched back methods of becoming successful athletes, coaches, and leaders.**

If you ever struggled with the drama or overwhelm of youth sports, we hear you!

If you ever wished the coach just knew what they were talking about, or if the parents would ever hear you as the coach? Did you wish so-and-so's parent would just stop acting like their kid was better than everyone else?

Or are you an athlete who wants to become the most mature teammate and take your performance to the next level so you can be an influencer and lead your team from within?

From wherever you are, and whichever role you currently play, if you ever wanted to know the secrets of the highest performers and be cutting edge on the field, court, mat, track... and beyond, this is the education piece that will change the way you think and learn….forever!

Every relationship will change. You'll be more empowered in school and at work. Life at home gets easier and more rewarding. Whether you are an athlete, or an influencing coach or parent, you'll want these personal growth tools and the science-backed strategies to elevate everything in your life.


  • Learn the secrets to building the greatest confidence ever, no matter your age or circumstance
  • Experience the synergy between coaches and parents that propels the athlete performance to the next level
  • Gain a competitive advantage by applying what the greatest world leaders and CEO's already know
  • Eliminate drama and maximize your team, on the field and at home
  • Get access to the most powerful tools to help reduce procrastination, increase performance, and finally feel that work-life-fun balance
  • Community support, and so much more!

We can't wait to see you you grow with FOCUS! 

**This course is high performance mindset and leadership training. We do not teach drills and physical skills (let your coach do that). We do not teach tactics for recruiting, and we don't promise your kid will get a scholarship. But this is real-life-skills high performance strategies that will serve you and your athletes forever, even long after their sport.