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BRAVE Over Bullying: 30 for Under 30 Series

Learn how to help your child (or yourself) deal with bullying once and for all. We skip all the fluff and get straight to the point with this 30 for under 30 course to: 

  • Help you identify the types of bullying that you may be dealing with so you can proceed with effective skills for your unique situation
  • Guide you on how to respond with real strategy and insight, even if that seems impossible right now
  • Learn what works and what doesn't work so you know how to thrive even in the most challenging of situations.
  • If you're tired of watching your loved one battle each day, this is the meaningful course for you that you can learn in less than 30 minutes, for less than $30, and implement right away.


Note: This topic can cover a wide range from dealing with "mean people" at school or in sport all the way to life threatening, urgent crisis. If at any time you feel that you, your child/teen, or the child you are mentoring is in danger, do not hesitate to contact your local authorities. We serve a world-wide audience, so it is impossible for us to list all of those contact details, but you can reach out to your local police, child protective services, suicide prevention hotlines, counselors, school administrators, or other trusted organization can assist you. While this course serves as a guide to assist you through the process, it is not intended to take the place of local authorities and professionals who will be critical in assisting you and your child/teen through the bullying situation.