How Do I Give My Kids a Competitive Advantage?

You equip them with the most powerful character traits, proven to help them overcome even the most challenging situations and launch them into opportunities of greater joy, success, and rewarding relationships. Introducing The L3 Method of Leadership. If you love personal growth, use this method for yourself. If you are a parent, a coach, or a teacher, it's time to give your kids (and yourself) the L3 Advantage. (🔊 Volume up)

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Start with Your Legacy Statement.


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The Foundation: Define what you want to be known for and what you'll be remembered for. Get the Workbook.

Confidence, Self-Respect, Optimism & Hope, Work Ethic, Perseverance & Grit, Curiosity & Creativity, Integrity & Moral Strength, Personal Responsibility, Adaptability, Empathy


Deploy the L3 Character Traits.



Accountability to What Matters.


Planners & Journals (Coming Soon) to hold you accountable to your unique Legacy Statement, and to elevate the L3 Character Traits that will give you and those you lead a competitive advantage in all areas of life.

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