"We believe in real life parenting and coaching that shapes our young athletes far beyond their sport. We believe high performance training should be intentional both at home and in your sport. We believe in teaching the skills don't just build leaders on a team.... we believe in building leaders for LIFE."

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 It’s nice to meet you!

We're twins from Texas. We were born nearly 3 months prematurely and were never supposed to live through our first night. And that was just the beginning. Together and as individuals, we've conquered a severe disability, near homelessness, rejection, single-motherhood, cancer, and more... in order to become global entrepreneurs, speakers, Olympic torch bearer, All-American and world champion athletes, and joyful moms.

Now, our daily goal is to be a blessing to you and to be a catalyst for good. Sports, Parenting and Coaching rank way up there on the list of what we love, so that's why Lead Love Legacy started. We're here to teach you how to be a leader and how to build high performing leaders for life at home, on the field, and far beyond. With everything we teach and do, we want you to know: All of this is for you.


"To be coached is to be loved..." 

Clay Helton, USC Head Football Coach

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30 Day Coach Challenge

It's Free! Deliberate steps to becoming a more impactful coach and influencer of the generation behind us. Ideas delivered to your inbox each day for 30 days, to use forever as you coach your team and build leaders for life. 


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30 for under $30

 Introducing the Lead Love Legacy 30 for Under $30 Courses. We know you're busy, so we skip all the fluff and get straight to the topics, research, and implementation strategies that matter to you. If you are ready to be inspired and motivated to ACTION, this is for you. It's content you can consume in about 30 minutes for less than $30, and implement right away.


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eCourses for Parents & Coaches

Check Out the Lead Love Legacy eCourses to help you raise confident, high performing athletes in ANY sport, and fully equipped young adults who are ready to fly out of the nest when that season is done!

This is Personal Development with your child and athlete in focus.

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Leader for Life™ Certification

Gain confidence, build leadership skills, and get ready for your next level in the sport you love and in life! This is your resume/CV builder that matters! Ages 14-24

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BRAVE Over Bullying

Learn real strategies that you can implement immediately to understand the cycle of bullying and how you can manage it in more effective, long-term ways. Tips and info about how to cope with bullying behaviors, learned in less than 30 minutes, for less than $30, to help you forever.

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Catalyst Culture

Want everyone to just get along better? Want a "Happy Atmosphere?" Want to drive more sales, earn more wins? Want to get on purpose about your success and JOY? It's all tied to the culture you build. Here are the specific steps to make yours AMAZING. It's not just a good culture... this is the formula for your Catalyst Culture!

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Legacy Leadership

Get ready be a more loving and impactful leader. Whether you lead as a parent, a boss, a teammate, or any type of influencer, we are literally MAPPING out the steps you must take to be great. This goes beyond good leadership... this takes you up to "Legacy Leadership!" 

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Mentorship Lifeline

All High Performers have solid mentors. There are 2 critical traits you must have for your mentor to help you, and there are critical actions YOU must take to elevate your life from where you are now and up to where you want to be. Learn it here in the Mentorship Lifeline!

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F.O.C.U.S: High Performance & Mindset

What If There Really Was a Handbook for Parenting Your Athlete? What if we could help you build confidence in your athlete?

What if we could help you help them... increase their motivation, decrease their stress, increase their opportunity for success? 

What if sports were fun again? What if we could prove to you that all of this effort in parenting will truly translate into a happier and more successful child, teen, and adult? 

Well, we can. 

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The Legacy Parent MasterClass is Coming Soon! 

Parents: Get on the VIP List for early access and secret discounts to the course that will elevate everything you do as a parent to help your child perform at a higher level and be more joyful and confident than ever before. Limited space. 


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