"We believe in real life parenting and coaching that shapes our young athletes far beyond their sport. We believe high performance training should be intentional both at home and in your sport. We believe in teaching the skills don't just build leaders on a team.... we believe in building leaders for LIFE."


 It’s nice to meet you!

We're twins from Texas. We were born nearly 3 months prematurely and were never supposed to live through our first night. And that was just the beginning. Together and as individuals, we've conquered a severe disability, near homelessness, rejection, single-motherhood, cancer, and more... in order to become global entrepreneurs, speakers, Olympic torch bearer, All-American and world champion athletes, and joyful moms.

Now, our daily goal is to be a blessing to you and to be a catalyst for good. Sports, Parenting and Coaching rank way up there on the list of what we love, so that's why Lead Love Legacy started. We're here to teach you how to be a leader and how to build high performing leaders for life at home, on the field, and far beyond. With everything we teach and do, we want you to know: All of this is for you.