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Meet identical twins, Aly Calvo and Andrea Kulberg. Andrea is legally blind. Aly is fully sighted. These former University of Texas cheerleaders now spend their lives as personal development coaches cheering you on. Get ready for high performance, better relationships,  and joyful abundance in all areas of your sport or your life.  

Aly and Andrea were born nearly 3 months premature. Weighing just over 2 pounds each, the doctors said they’d never make it through the night. Although complications of an over-exposure to oxygen led to Andrea’s severe visual impairment, both Aly and Andrea and have used the perspective of what “could have been” to live a life of purpose, inspiration, and gratitude through incredible trials and adversity.   


Together and individually, Aly and Andrea have overcome incredible life-challenges including blindness, poverty, divorce, and cancer to become an award winning international entrepreneurs, TV actress and spokesperson, speakers, World Champion and All-American athletes, Olympic torch bearer, and cancer survivor.  They have trained and mentored thousands of people from world class athletes and aspiring entrepreneurs to military veterans, business leaders, and parents. Aly and Andrea connect with their online and live audiences in real, authentic ways where their inspiring story and contagious leadership style is the perfect blend of compassion and accountability.    


In addition to their Lead Love Legacy brand in the United States, Aly and Andrea also together own Legacy Cheer and Dance in the United Kingdom. Their competitive cheerleading and dance events in the UK bring over 40,000 people together annually at major concert venues, where they are best known for their work in “Building Leaders for Life™.”  


Aly and Andrea both live in Texas, y’all! Andrea is a strong single mom with a daughter who attends The University of Georgia (Caitlyn), and her son (Sean) attending University of Houston. Both are studying Business. She has an awesome cat named Leo, which stands for Love Each Other.   


Aly is married to her high school sweetheart, and they have two children (Mady and Tanner), plus a "bonus son"(Tim) who lives with them and whom they love as their own since his home flooded during Hurricane Harvey. . Their daughter is attending The University of Texas at Austin, and their son plays baseball in High School. Tim is the starting linebacker at the same high school. They have two dogs, a mini-labradoodle named Shipley, and a Champion Hungarian Vizsla named Poco …both dogs are supremely spoiled. 





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