Leader for Life Certification™ Program

A twelve-month leadership course for young people in sports. Also availble in smaller individual modules. Conducted fully online.


Achieve the Skills Section of your Duke of Edinburgh Award with Leader for Life!


We are an official Approved Activity Provider (AAP) for The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, Skill sections. 

If you love the leadership lessons that come to you via your sport (any sport) or creative group work, then you'll love the opportunity to achieve the Skills sections of your Bronze, Silver, or Gold DofE Award with the Leader for Life Certification Program!* 

*This course and certification is offered to any young person globally regardless if they are working towards the DofE Awards. Recommended ages are 14-24.


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Introducing the

Leader for Life Certification™


Whether you're interested in furthering your leadership skills to achieve your Duke of Edinburgh's Award, or you are simply seeking to build your CV or resume... you can always use a meaningful boost for your university applications, your job applications, and more. The L3 Leader for Life Certification is a world class program that helps athletes and young creative adults transition skills from their sport or hobby into life-long skills.

This online course focuses on developing high performance skills that serve participants in their academic, personal, and professional endeavors for life. Leader For Life Certification is offered in partnership alongside  Lead Love Legacy, so Membership in the L3 Community is included in this program at no additional fee. UK participants are eligible to achieve their Skill section towards their DofE Award(s). 


Become a Leader for Life Today!

This is where your life can change. Become a stronger, more empowered, more effective leader. Be more prepared for school, work, sports, relationships, and life. Be more confident, more focused, more proactive, and more successful. You have all the tools right here at your fingertips. Get started on your Leader for Life Certification today!

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Gain Leadership Skills

Learn what the most successful athletes, business owners, students, and world leaders are doing, and apply them to your life!

Gain Confidence

Leader For Life Certification program and the L3 community are super supportive spaces. We help you find your inner-alpha from wherever you are.

Gain Experience

Through the L3 Membership Community, Assignments, and Zoom calls, you'll gain experience that will serve you forever!

Apply it to the Sport or Hobby You Love

Stick with what you love while you learn and grow for all areas of your life. This is what makes youth sports and teamwork so wonderful.

Make Friends, Gain Mentors

You'll be interacting with peers in the certification program, and learning from inspiring experts around the world. 

Add Leadership Certification to Your Resume/CV

 You'll always benefit from having that "extra" when you apply for jobs, university, and more. 

DofE Leaders, Teachers, Youth Leaders, Coaches

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