Got Bullies? We Can Help You...

It matters urgently if you or your child are dealing with it, so we skip all the fluff and get straight to the point with this 30 for under 30 course to: 

  • Help you identify the types of bullying that you may be dealing with so you can proceed with effective skills for your unique situation
  • Guide you on how to respond with real strategy and insight, even if that seems impossible right now
  • Learn what works and what doesn't work so you know how to thrive even in the most challenging of situations.
  • If you're tired of watching your loved one battle each day, this is the meaningful course for you that you can learn in less than 30 minutes, for less than $30, and implement right away.


Yes, Please! Teach Me!

Help Your Loved One Navigate with Compassion and Accountability

Leverage deep love alongside the responsibilities and abilities we have to control what truly matters for better relationships.

Build Their Confidence, Even if They're at a Low Right Now

Perspective is power! Learn the key elements to help your athlete/teen flip this circumstance around and become more confident than ever. Really!

Decrease Anxiety & Drive Performance Up

You want your teen to perform at their best in everything they do, but the current chaos is squashing that! This course turns anxiety down immediately, and leveraging for peak performance now!

Stop the Avoiding & Start Leaning In

Learn how to lean into the uncomfortable situations and leverage them for good! This strategy helps with bullies, yes, but will also serve every relationship in your life!

Get BRAVE Over Bullying Now!

Introducing BRAVE Over Bullying. Here's What's Included...

Very consumable, high value yet simple-to-implement content that you can entirely learn in less than 30 minutes, and for less than $30. Video trainings, downloads an activities for the following topics:

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It's Time!

This BRAVE Over Bullying course is offered in the Lead Love Legacy 30 for under $30 series. These courses are topical super high value trainings that are condensed into highly efficient and applicable pieces of content to you can grab, learn, and apply immediately.

PS- If you are lucky enough to watch your kid do their thing, recognize that inherently is the gift. It goes by fast.

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