The Catalyst Culture


 noun  cat·​a·​lyst | \ ˈka-tə-ləst  \

1a substance that enables a chemical reaction to proceed at a usually faster rate or under different conditions than otherwise possible

2: an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action
It's time to be a catalyst for good in your life! Take it on intentionally: Building a positive culture does not happen by accident. We're here to make it easy for you!

What you'll get:

  • Simple strategies that you can implement immediately for happier days at home and greater success on the team, from any starting point.
  • Inspiration and key steps to drastically improve relationships on a daily basis, and help your kids be higher performers both on and off the field
  • Finally experience peace and a community sense of shared missions that are uniquely meaningful to you, your family, and your team
  • Build trust among loved ones and teammates so you can be the leader that everyone wants to follow
  • Experience the competitive advantage that a culture of excellence offers


Yes, I Want to Spark My Own Catalyst Culture!

Peace in the House and Better Relationships All Around

Ahhh... imagine knowing you'll have peace at home and everyone will get along simply by using the strategies that drive contribution to the long-term family and team goals.

Earn More Wins & Drive More Sales

Championship teams and profitable companies know great cultures. Use what they do over and over again to make your home and your teams the place where everyone wants to be.

Get Motivated and Stay Motivated

Happy cultures are driven cultures. When you're intentional about building cultures that fuel high performance, intrinsic motivators elevate exponentially.

Gain Competitive Advantage in Sport and Life!

Intentionality to what really matters is the key to success in everything you do. Use Catalyst Culture to map out where you're going. You'll get to the top long before the drifters!

Get the Catalyst Culture Course Now!

Introducing The Catalyst Culture Course. Here's What's Included...

Very consumable, high value yet simple-to-implement content that you can entirely learn in less than 30 minutes, and for less than $30. Video trainings, downloads an activities for the following topics:

I Needed This Yesterday! I Want In!

It's Time!

The Catalyst Culture is offered in the Lead Love Legacy 30 for under $30 series. These courses are topical super high value trainings that are condensed into highly efficient and applicable pieces of content to you can grab, learn, and apply immediately.

PS- If you are lucky enough to watch your kid do their thing, recognize that inherently is the gift. It goes by fast.

Don't blink. ;)

Let's Go!